Omission of Articles
आर्टीकल्स कब उपयोग नहीं होते
There are cases when a / an and the are not used - omitted.
कुछ मौके होते हैं जब a / an और the छोड़े जाते हैं.

Omission of A / An
Case 1.
A / An is omitted before a plural noun.
बहु वाचक संख्या के पहले A / An को छोड़ दिया जाता है.
उदाहरण for eg.
1. This is a boy.
2. These are boys.

Case 2.
A / An is omitted before uncountable nouns.
असंख्य संज्ञा के पहले A / An का प्रयोग नहीं किया जाता है.
Nouns like, bread, information, damage
Whenever such nouns are used in a countable way, then it may use a / an.
जब ऐसे संज्ञा का संख्यात्मक तरीके से उपयोग होता है, तब a / an का उपयोग कर सकते हैं.
उदाहरण for eg.
1 We drink tea. Here tea is used as a regular (uncountable) noun.
2 Please give me a tea. Here tea is used to indicate a cup of tea (countable)

Case 3
A / An are omitted before names of meals, except...
  • When the name is preceded by an adjective
  • When the name refers to a special meal given to celebrate something or honour someone.
A / An का उपयोग भोजन के नाम के पहले तभी किया जाता जब...
  • उसके साथ कोई विलेशण जुड़ा हो
  • वह भोजन किसी खास मौके पर या किसी के सम्मान में दिया जाता है.
उदाहरण for eg.
1. Let us have lunch together.
2. Let us have a special lunch together.
3. I would like to host a dinner to welcome my friend.

Omission of The
Case 1.
The is omitted before names of persons and in most cases before names of places.
The का उपयोग किसी व्यक्ती के नाम के पहले नहीं किया जाता है, और कुछ जगह के नाम को छोड़, the का उपयोग किसी जगह के नाम के आगे भी नहीं किया जाता है.
Case 2
The is omitted before abstract nouns, except in when they are used do denote a particular event or concept.
उदाहरण for eg.
1. Lifes are lost during war.
2. The war of Panipat happened in the sixteenth century.
Case 3
The is omitted after a noun in the possessive case or a possessive adjective.
उदाहरण for eg.
1. The boy's father is a doctor
2. The father of the boy is a doctor
3. It is my car.
4. The car is mine.
Case 4
The is omitted before names of games.
उदाहरण for eg.
1. He plays cricket.
2. Let us play football.
Case 5
There are some words before which the is omitted, like home, temple, hospital, school, work, sea, work, etc.
the word "home"
The is omitted when the word home is used alone.
उदाहरण for eg.
1. I stayed at home today.
2. He went home.
Whenever the word home has a descriptive word or phrase before or after it is used as any other noun.
उदाहरण for eg.
1. This is the home of your boss.
words like "bed, temple, hospital, school etc"
The is omitted when the places indicated by such words are visited or used for their primary purpose.
उदाहरण for eg.
1. He is in hospital for treatment.
2. He is in the hospital to visit is friend.
3. The sailor is at sea.
4. His house is near the sea.
5. She has gone to temple to pray.
6. She has gone to the temple to see the beautiful statues.
words like "work" and "office"
The is omitted when work indicates place of work or working hard.
उदाहरण for eg.
1. He is at work.
2. He is not back from work.
3. She is hard at work to find a cure for the illness.

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