Types of Conjunctions (कंजंक्शन के प्रकार)
Subordinating Conjunction
आश्रित समुच्चय बोधक अव्यय

A subordinating conjunction connects two clauses that depend on each other.
Subordinating conjunction दो ऐसे clauses को जोड़ता है जिसमें से एक दूसरे पर अर्थ व्यक्त करने के लिए निर्भर होता है. कुछ प्रमुख subordinating conjunctions निम्न दिये हैं...

After, because, if, that, though, although, till, before, unless, as, when, where, while, than.

Depending on the way the two clauses connect the conjunction can be classified into the following 7 categories.
अर्थ के अनुसार subordinate conjunctions निम्न 7 वर्गों में विभाजित किया जा सकता है.
Time - समय:

जो समय का बोध कराए.
That gives the indication of time.
I would die before I lie.
I returned home only after he had left.
Cause or Reason - कारण:
जो कारण बताए.
That express the cause.
My teeth are stronger because I clean them regularly.
Since you wish it, it will be done.
Purpose - उद्देश्य:

जो उद्देश्य का बोध कराए.
The indicates the purpose.
We eat that we may live.
I held her hand lest she should fall.
Result or Consequence - परिणाम:

जो परिणाम की जानकारी दे.
That indicates the result or the outcome.
He was so tired that he could hardly stand.
Condition - शर्त:

शर्त प्रस्तुत करता है.
Expresses a condition or criteria.
I will go if Raju comes.
Your problems cannot be solved unless you discuss them.
Concession - रिआयत:

रिआयत या छूट देने वाले clause को जोड़े.
That conects a clause that gives concession.
I will trust him although he betrayed me.
Comparison - तुलना:

The conjunction that compares.
ऐसा conjunction जो तुलना करता है.
She is smarter than I am.

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